pressure controller

Our pressure controllers are available in a wide range of different versions. We manufacture devices for gaseous media as well as for liquids.

Pressure controller for gases / compressed air

  • Pressure controller series PRO SC
    The PRO SC series instruments are our most cost-effective instruments and have an accuracy class of 0.03%.
  • Pressure controller series PRO PC
    PRO PC series instruments are very precise and fast instruments with an accuracy class of 0.01%.
  • Pressure controller series PRO HC
    The devices of the PRO HC series are high-precision pressure controllers with an accuracy class of 0.004%.
  • Pressure controller series PRO VC
    The devices of the PRO VC series are special devices for lowest pressures and high flow rates. The devices can be supplied with an accuracy of +/-1 Pa. For high flow rates the devices are available for up to 40 bar.
  • Pressure controller Serie PRO FC
    The devices of the PRO FC series are special devices for the fast switching of pressures. The devices are modularly constructed in a 19″ housing with 3 U and can regulate up to 9 different pressure tanks.

Series EPK IV

The controllers of the series PRO SC, PRO PC, PRO HC and PRO VC are also available as pressure calibrators. In this version the calibrators have on board power supply for different sensors and analogue input to measure the output of the DUT.

Pressure controller for fluids

  • Pressure controller series PRO HY
    The devices of the PRO HY series are pressure regulators for liquid media. The devices are available for pressures up to 14000 bar and usually include the pressure generator.

All devices can also be modified to your individual requirements. Feel free to contact us.

Your questions about pressure controllers

Who are the key manufacturers in the market of pressure control devices?

The market for pressure control devices in Germany has gone through a stream of adjustments. There are only a few manufacturers of electropneumatic pressure regulators left. PROEMTEC is one of the smaller manufacturers in this segment. The devices are manufactured entirely by PROEMTEC. This means that very special customer requirements can also be served. All devices are manufactured exclusively on customer request. PROEMTEC supplies the devices in all accuracy classes commonly found on the market. Another advantage of the devices from PROEMTEC is the high air and gas throughput of the devices: This ensures a very rapid increase in pressure.

How does a pressure controller work?

A pressure regulator is actually a valve where the valve is held shut with a spring. The preload of the spring is analogous to the opening pressure of the valve. A mechanical pressure controller is not a pressure control device.

Unfortunately, the term pressure controller has two different meanings in German-speaking countries. The reason for this is that in German there is no distinction between “book / newspaper printing” and “air / gas pressure”. In English, the term “print” stands for “book printing” and the term “pressure” for “gas pressure”. A pressure controller can either be electronics for printing documents or a device for regulating gases or liquids.

When does a pressure controller need to be replaced?

Pressure controllers for precision applications should be calibrated once a year. Pressure controllers are very durable devices. Pressure control devices built by PROEMTEC from the year of manufacture 1990 are still in use by our customers. The pressure control device is usually replaced when a complete test bench is modernized, especially when the software in the test benches is modified.