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PROEMTEC was founded in march 1985 by Helmut Behnke in Grafrath, a small town near Munich. He started the company as a trading company for measurement equipment for pressure. A few years later he expanded the business and offered system solutions for pressure, flow rate and temperature in combination with fluids and gases.

In 1992 PROEMTEC found new rooms in Landsberied and in 2000 the company moved the head quarter also to Landsberied.

Since 2006 the company is guided by Günther Gschoßmann as Helmut Behnke retired by end of 2005.

Due to business growth PROEMTEC needed more space in 2008 and found new rooms in Günding. Since end of 2008 PROEMTEC is located in Günding which is next to Munich.

Today is PROEMTEC a specialist for almost all tasks concerning fluids and gases. We produce test benches, production equipment, calibration stations, measurement systems, pressure generation systems and pressure control systems. We also combine in our products temperature, force, pressure, mechanical vibration and leakage detection.