Micro controller boards

In the field of micro controller boards, the micro controller measurement and control board “M1P” is equipped with the signal processor TMS 320. In order to perform the arithmetic operations required for control systems faster than with conventional microcontrollers, it has a floating point processing unit. This makes the microcontroller card in Eurocard format suitable for most measurement and control tasks.

Digital IO ports of the controller are led out at the header of the card. The ports can be used to switch additional components.

The number of available digital INPUTS and OUTPUTS depends on the individual device configuration, it is about 25 – 30 ports. Optocouplers for galvanic isolation are available.

The “M1P” is equipped with a 128 KByte RAM and a 512 KByte Flash ROM. Loading or updating the firmware is very easy via USB interface and terminal program, as both are available on every standard PC.

For measuring, control and regulation tasks 16 analog-to-digital (AD) converters and one digital-to-analog (DA) converter are available. The AD converters have a resolution of 18 bits, the DA converters have a resolution of 16 bits.

In normal operation, the “M1P” card can communicate with a PC via the USB interface. Here, for example, measured values can be retrieved and/or control functions can be triggered.

The standard firmware offers the possibility to correct characteristic curves of sensors and thus to calibrate the realized devices. The configuration is done via terminal program.


  • Display unit(s): 6-digit LEDs; they are connected serial to the measuring card and can display free definable measured variables or target variables. An LCD display can be controlled via CAN or RS485 interface.
  • Expansion port: for additional IO units, e.g. relais cards or customer-specific communication interfaces.
  • Keyboard module: if the device is to be operated “stand alone”.
  • Customized software by PROEMTEC or
  • Inhouse development of the software by the customer.

Further developments:

  • User interface with graphic LCD (connected like keyboard module)
  • Other standard interfaces, e.g. CAN bus
  • Measurement cards with signal processor
  • Special solutions with digital signal processor (DSP)
  • Multi-converter cards for fast data acquisition of many measured values

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