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We offer you the following series of leakage tester:

leakage tester series PRO dP

Bild von PRO dP

The measuring systems of the PRO dP series enable the leak testing of up to 8 test specimens including the determination of their volume in less than 3 seconds. Our leak detector PRO dP was developed for the quick measurements of a huge number of test specimens.


leakage tester series PRO DD
Bild von Lecktestgerät Serie PRO DD

The leakage testers of the PRO DD series are leak detectors that are operated with compressed air, helium or a helium mixture and determine the leakage according to the differential pressure principle. This is a suitable method for relatively slow measurements with high accuracy requirements.


leakage tester series PRO SL

Bild von Lecktestgerät Serie PRO SLThe leakage testers of the PRO SL series are leak detectors that determine the leakage according to the pressure drop principle. This is also a suitable and inexpensive method for relatively slow measurements.



leakage tester series PRO HL

Bild von Lecktestgerät PRO HLThe leakage testers of the PRO HL series are leak detectors that are operated with compressed air, helium or a helium mixture and determine the leakage according to the pressure drop principle. This is also a suitable and inexpensive method for relatively slow measurements.


All devices can be adapted to your individual requirements.

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Your questions about leak test equipment

What should be considered for leak test equipment?

The successful use of leak testers requires the right selection of a suitable device for the respective application. Leak detection is carried out in a wide variety of applications. For leaks in pipelines, sniffer devices are used and a tracer gas is used. Three different measuring methods are used for the testing of components, such as in the automotive industry or in medical technology. These are pressure drop measurement, differential pressure measurement and helium testing. PROEMTEC offers the required test equipment for all three methods and offers customers comprehensive advice on the selection of the best process in the run-up to a project.

Why are leak testers indispensable for companies in the industry?  

Leak test equipment is used for the quality assurance for a wide range of industrially manufactured products. Why are there local and integral leakage tests and when are they used? Local leak tests are mainly used to detect leaks in pipe systems. These tests are used in the commissioning process or during the inspection of equipment. Integral leakage testing is part of a product or manufacturing facility. These have the purpose to ensure series quality.

Why is it not recommended to perform a water pressure test before the leakage test?

Due to the water pressure test, small leaks are temporarily sealed by the water. As a result, these leaks are not detected. With a water pressure test, only coarse leaks can be detected.

How does a leakage test with tracer gas work?

There are two ways to perform a leakage test with a tracer gas. The test specimen can be filled with a test gas. The escaping test gas is then measured on the outside of the test object, possibly also in a test chamber with a sensor. Another possibility is to introduce the test object into a test chamber and either measure the pressure drop caused by a leakage in the test chamber, or measure the test object with a spectrometer for escaping tracer gas in case of the leakage.

Are you looking for a modern leakage tester?

PROEMTEC offers a variety of testers for leakage tests. We would be pleased to advise you which leak tester is suitable for your application. Is a water pressure test always a leakage test? A water pressure test is only a leakage test for coarse leaks. Small leaks can not be detected by a water pressure test.

Is a gas pressure test always a leak test?  

A gas pressure test is always also a leakage test if the test gas suitable for the tightness requirement is used and the test pressure reaches at least the operating pressure.  

What is to be considered when purchasing the leak test equipment?

PROEMTEC recommends to seek comprehensive advice before purchasing a leakage tester and to summarize the test requirements in a test specification.

What is a leakage test and what can I do with it?

A leakage test is a test method for measuring the tightness of a component or pipeline. With a leakage test, the leak rate can be measured. For some components, such as air conditioning compressors, there are legal requirements for the maximum leak rate. With a leakage test in production, a manufacturer can prove that his components meet the legal requirements regarding tightness. In the automotive industry, leak tests in production are performed to ensure the quality of products. Leaking sensors and devices are already detected and eliminated during production.

What does the VdS test VDS 2871 mean for companies?

VDS 2871 is an electrical test for property and fire protection by an expert. There is no connection with leakage tests.

How do you perform such a leakage test correctly and is it really useful? 

A leakage test requires some experience in leakage testing. In particular, the adaptation of test specimens and the design of the test specimen mounting device can lead to incorrect measurement results. Therefore, PROEMTEC always offers a professional consulting for leakage tests when selling corresponding leak test equipment. A leakage test is useful for all products that are exposed to changing environmental conditions. Changing ambient temperatures and pressures can allow moisture to enter a device and destroy it over time.