Helium leakage test

We are manufacturing leakage test units with helium. The helium leakage test has to be performed in a vacuum chamber. As a special feature we can offer these units with a high pressure range (at present up to 180 bar) and a high capacity for the specimen volume (at present up to 20 litres).

For this purpose, we have developed a new patented device for controlled pressure reduction for the case of a bursting of the specimen. The system for helium leakage testing in a vacuum chamber allows a rational testing of high-pressure components concerning stability and tightness in the assembled state.

The cycle time for testing by manual adaption is only 8 minutes in complete, while 4 minutes are due to the testing time itself. With the compact design of the unit, the size of it is similiar to that of a common vacuum- helium- test unit.

The process visualization, the process data exchange with PPS and the basic control of the processes is carried out with a mini PC.

The new developed feeding unit allows an easy and quick mounting of the specimen that can have a maximum weight of 400 kg.

With the newly gained knowledge during this project, PROEMTEC is able to develope and modify similiar units with indiviual customer parameters with very short time required. Feel free to contact us for further information about a modified unit acc. to your needs.


– PDF: Datenblatt Berst-Leckage-Anlage