Pressure pulsation with gases

PROEMTEC has developed a unit for pressure pulsation with gases – in this case with air. The pulsation frequency is up to 160 Hz.

Bild von Prüfeinrichtung Druckpulsation mit Gasen

The unit was the breakthrough in the simulation of environmental conditions inside engines for PROEMTEC. Within the new developed unit the air and gas flows occuring in modern petrol engines are simulated. This makes a simple testing of engine components possible. The pilot unit of this type is used for testing the valves of the oil trap in the engines dry sump.

The testing unit enables to reproduce the pressure conditions within engines without an engine test bench. This allows the independent testing of all mounted components in engines without being limited by the restrictions given within a real engine environment. Further this testing device allows to place the test specimens at the same time in a temperature cycling chamber which makes a combined pressure and temperature cycling test possible.


– PDF: Datenblatt Druckpulsationsanlage mit Gas