pressure calibrators

We have two different types of pressure calibrators. One version is for gases and one for fluids.

Pressure calibrators for gases

Series EPK IV

The calibrators of the EPK IV series are our high precision version. The pressure controllers are available for pressures from 0.07 bar to 1,000 bar and an accuracy class of +0.01% F.S.

Series EPK IV-S

The controllers of the EPK IV-S series are our highest precision version. The pressure controllers are available for pressures from 0.1 bar to 250 bar and an accuracy class of +0.004% F.S. For the special series products please contact PROEMTEC to get more information.

Pressure calibrators for fluids


The controllers of the EHK series are our controllers for fluids. The controllers have internal pressure generators which produce pressures up to 14,000 bar. All pressure calibrators have an on board power supply for different sensors and analogue inputs to measure the output signal of the DUT.

All calibrators can be individually adopted to your special needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your special requirements.

Your questions about pressure calibrators

Metrological traceability in calibration – Are your measurements traceable?

All PROEMTEC pressure calibrators are traceable to a national standard. PROEMTEC uses pressure compensators to calibrate our pressure calibrators which are calibrated every five years at a DAkkS calibration service.

How is the calibration of pressure gauges performed?

The pressure calibrators / pressure gauges manufactured by us are calibrated as standard with 10 support points. First the initial and final values are recorded and stored in the electronics. Subsequently the values between the start and end value are recorded and stored. Finally the calibrations are repeated in a temperature cabinet at different temperatures.

How is the calibration performed in the field of force?

The calibration in the field of force can be carried out as a comparison measurement with calibrated force sensors. Alternatively a force sensor can also be calibrated with a pressure calibrator. Here the following applies: pressure = force / area. If you know the effective area of the force sensor, it can be calibrated with a pressure calibrator.

What is calibration?

Oaking is the “little brother” of calibration. Oak is reserved for the competent authorities. During a calibration devices that record a measurand are compared with known and verified measuring instruments and corrected if necessary. The reference values are recorded in calibration protocols.

How are torque wrenches and torque transducers calibrated?

The calibration of torque wrenches and torque transducers is carried out as a comparative measurement against force transducers. The formula for this is: torque = force x lever length.

What needs to be considered when replacing gauge pressure sensors?

Relative pressure sensors measure pressures against the ambient air. When replacing the relative pressure sensors the device must be recalibrated. When measuring relative pressure the zero point must be reset with the “tare” function before each measurement. This compensates any fluctuations in ambient pressure.

What kind of possibilities exist for pressure calibration?

For the calibrating of pressure equipment there is the possibility of a factory calibration, which is performed by the manufacturer of a device. An alternative is the DAkkS calibration. This is carried out by certified testing laboratories. As a manufacturer of pressure equipment, PROEMTEC can perform a factory calibration of the equipment manufactured by PROEMTEC.

Which reference types are distinguished for pressure calibration?

When calibrating pressure there are two possible reference types. The calibration as relative pressure refers to the ambient pressure. The calibration as absolute pressure refers to the vacuum as a reference. Devices with an absolute pressure sensor and a daytime pressure sensor can be used for both reference values. PROEMTEC offers such devices.

After how many months is recalibration recommended?

Pressure equipment should be recalibrated annually. For critical applications such as aerospace or research calibrations are often performed before each attempt.

How long are the lead times for calibration?

A factory calibration at PROEMTEC usually takes two working days in our house. In addition there is the time for shipping. A calibration according to DAkkS takes three to seven working days at PROEMTEC.

Which measuring device is the right one for my application?

Which measuring instrument is the right one always depends on the measuring task. PROEMTEC manufactures the devices exclusively according to customer requirements. The selection of devices according to pressure range, accuracy, pressure reference, volume of the connected test specimens and speed of pressure increase are the determining factors in the design of a pressure calibration device.