Manual pressure gauges

Bild von Handdruckmessgerät

The manual pressure gauges of the PRO HD series (formerly MP300 series) are digital handheld pressure gauges that are suitable for a wide variety of calibration purposes.

The pressure – generated, for example, with a manual calibration pump – is converted into an electrical signal by a resistive sensor, amplified, linearized and converted into a digital signal by a precision A/D converter. In combination with a monolithic chip with laser-trimmed resistance network, very precise temperature compensation is achieved. The measured value is displayed on a 3½-digit LCD display in the corresponding pressure unit. To take full advantage of the resolution of the display, the display area can be switched. With the extended version, a display switching is automatic. The interior is protected from moisture and dirt by a stable, sealed housing (made of extruded aluminum) and a protective membrane keyboard.

The measuring instruments are suitable for measuring non-corrosive and non-ionized liquids and gases, such as air, dry gases, hydraulic fluids. If other media are to be used, the intermediary of a compatible medium is necessary (e.g. separation membrane).

The measuring instruments are used in laboratories, in quality assurance, by operations engineers, in the heating and ventilation industry, in city and power plants, in the control of blood pressure monitors and generally in industry, in maintenance, commissioning and troubleshooting in pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

You can find further information on the data sheet.

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