High pressure calibrators series PRO

In the field of high pressure calibrators we use the hydraulic pressure sensor calibration system PRO, individually modified to customer requirements.

Bild von mobiler Kalibrierprüfstand

The hydraulic pressure sensor calibration system PRO allows the pressure simulation for e. g. the calibration of pressure transducers up to a pressure of 3000 bar. To increase the accuracy of measurement, you can use different reference pressure transducers in the hydraulic part ( e.g. 250, 1000 and 2000 bar).

The picture shows a mobile calibration unit.

Measuring range:
pneumatic up to 10 bar
hydraulic up to 800 bar

In addition a separating membrane is intended for the purpose of the separation of the mediums.

The pressure increase is realized with a pressure converter, this means that a regulated pneumatic pre-pressure (provided by an electronic-pneumatic pressure controller EPK) is set on a pressure converter which converts it to an adjustable hydraulic secondary pressure. Leaks on secondary side or air inclusions (hydraulic part) are regulated or oil is refilled until the target pressure is reached again

A standard unit consists of following components:

  • the EPK (electronic-pneumatic pressure controller), controlled via PC, that supplies a pneumatic pre-pressure to control the pressure converter
  • the pressure converter that converts the pre-pressure into a hydraulic secondary pressure
  • the hydraulic circuit consisting of the storage tank, the high pressure compressor, various (pneumatic controlled) high pressure valves and the specimen fitting (pressure output port PA)
  • High pressure valves allow pumping back and forth the oil for venting the unit. Not for permanent measurement needed reference sensors can be separated by extra valves.

The electronic assemblies are temperature compensated so that a highly accurate electronical-pneumatical convertion is guaranteed. All function groups are placed on 19 ” plugin boards in a 19″, 9 HE housing.

The hydraulic pressure controller PRO are generally customized, the operation module runs with a (individual) software. If inquired also a manual operation is available which leads to less comfort but is often required for a mobile calibration unit.

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