High pressure calibration up to 500 bar – pneumatic

For one of our customers we have realized a test bench for high pressure with the EPK 35/500 bar. The task was to develope a unit for pneumatical high pressure calibrating up to 500 bar of pressure sensors as part of the incoming goods inspection and quality control.

Bild von Skizze Prüfung Hochdruckkalibrierung bis 500 bar pneumatisch

The specimens should be calibrated over a several number of pressure and temperature levels. Therefor we developed a suitable clamping device for 20 sensors with individual locking option that fits in a corresponding climate chamber.

The automated test procedure provides the input of pressure and temperature levels and holding times for pressure and temperatures, so that the test is performed independently after starting ist. The determined measurement data is recorded during the test and available for other applications in our software or can be also exported via network for further applications.

The above picture shows the specimen (red) in its clamping device; on the left side in the open position, on the right side in the clamped position. The electrical contacting (yellow) is done from below, the pressure contacting from above.

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