pressure calibrator for gases EPK IV

presssure calibrator EPK IV

The pressure calibrators of the  series EPK IV are available for pressure ranges from 50 mbar to 200 bar (0.7 to 3,000 PSI). Each pressure calibrator of the EPK IV series has two pressure ranges, second range as an option. You can calibrate two pressure ranges.

special type of pressure calibrator EPK IV: presssure calibrator EPK IV-S

We produce special types of our pneumatic pressure calibrators for pressure ranges from 1 mbar to 1000 bar (0.0015 to 14,800 PSI). Also we produce calibrators for differerential pressure systems. The acuracy which can be achieved is up to 0.004% FS. For the special series products please contact PROEMTEC to get more information.

Detailled Description: pressure calibrator EPK IV

The electro-pneumatic calibration devices series EPK IV are precision pressure regulators which electronically convert a preselected pressure quantity into a pneumatic pressure with the highest accuracy. Fluctuations in the supply as well as changing flow rates are compensated precisely. The devices can optionally be equipped with a second sensor and due to this have two measuring ranges. With the option daily pressure measurement the pressure can be regulated to an ambient pressure.

EPK IV electro-pneumatic calibration devices are specially designed for the calibration of pressure sensors and therefore have the pressure connection for the test specimens on the front.

The EPK IV electro-pneumatic calibration devices also have an output for supplying the pressure sensors and an input for recording the output signal of the pressure sensor to be tested.

The devices have an automatic calibration mode. In this mode the user only needs to enter the number of checkpoints. Then the EPK IV electro-pneumatic calibration devices  automatically check the connected specimen and create a calibration protocol that can be printed directly via a connected PC or with the Ethernet interface option.

A test or calibration software enables the recording of the specimen data. These are tabulated, graphically displayed, printed and stored in the standard software. To make work easier the recurring data of the various test specimens can be stored as a type definition, due to this they are quickly available to the user (see also our information on calibration).

In addition to these standard user interfaces, we further offer you an individual adaptation of the programs to your individual needs and metrological requirements.

Especially applications that place difficult demands on the way of pressure start-up can be realized by us. Example: Extremely fast pressure rise times or dynamic start-up of the smallest pressures (see PRO VC).

In standard mode, the devices work like a pressure controller. They can also be used to determine the leakage. The system pressure indicator shows the measured value applied to the pressure sensor. The pressure preset signal is represented by the internal microcontroller or transferred to it as an external analog preset voltage. The actual pressure value is measured with a high-precision pressure sensor, the characteristic curve is corrected and scaled by the microcontroller. The device already has a USB interface in the standard version. Further available options include RS232, Ethernet, RS485 and CAN. Communication can take place in all common protocols.

The electro-pneumatic calibration device is delivered with a standard program which is able to create customized program sequences. The program can be operated from any PC. With a single PC a several number of electro-pneumatic calibration devices can be operated. The devices can be cascaded with the software like a single calibration device. The processes can be stored on the EPK IV. This makes an individual test sequence possible without a PC.

The pressure is adjusted by a digital regulator with two solenoid valves. The accuracy is at least equal to the accuracy class of the reference pressure sensor used in the instrument. Fluctuations in the supply as well as changing flow rates are precisely compensated. The pressure source can be for example a pressure bottle, foot pump or pressure transducer for the overpressure or a vacuum pump for the negative pressure.

The electronic assemblies are temperature compensated so high-precision electronic-pneumatic transforming is guaranteed.

Suitability: The EPK IV is only suitable for the operation with gaseous non-aggressive and non-flammable media such as dry air or nitrogen.

 Application fields: calibration, development, research, testing technology, simulation, production

 Measuring range: 1 mbar to 1000 bar  

 Accuracy: +/-0.01% of full scale

Certificates: factory calibration (DAkkS optional), CE- marking, declaration of conformity, certificate of origin

Dimensions: 444 x 88,4 x 264,5 mm (19“ housing)

Scope of delivery: electro pneumatic calibration device with USB- interface, power cable (1.5 m), USB cable, certificates (calibration, declarations of conformity), software for PC control, software for calibration of the pressure sensors

Options: RS232 interface, Ethernet interface , CAN interface, DAkkS calibration, RS485 interface, analog output for current and voltage, analog input for current and voltage, e.g. 4 .. 20 mA, 0 – 10 V, daytime pressure sensor, 19″ in-built housing instead of desktop housing. Other interfaces are available on request e.g. mV input for sensors without amplifier.

 Accessories: interface cable, calibration software for calibrating the EPK IV, pressure connection adapter

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