Measurement of pressure membrane

A manufacturer for pressure measuring membranes that are used e.g. in barometers, injection pumps and blood pressure gauges, was looking for a fully automatic pressure control and path evaluation solution for the quality assurance of the specimens. Therefore we have developed an electro pneumatic pressure controller (EPK) for the pressure membrane measurement.

Bild von Druckmembranvermessung EPK 0,8

The picture shows an EPK 0.8 (full scale 800 mbar / 600mmHg) with a high quality pressure transducer together with a specimen adaptor.

The test pressure preselection can be chosen manually or PC-operated here. In case of a PC operation the software takes over the control of the system.

Bild von Software Druckmembranvermessung

Data is entered as a test description as shown in the image on the left side. The data recorded once for each specimen (membrane) type can be loaded again and again for re-testing of this type.