Load cells calibration station KS1000:

With the load cells calibration station KS1000 you can put the force as a setpoint in comparison to a specimen for the actual value continously or in determined steps.

For the pressure reference you can use interchangeable force-secondary standards (failure up to ± 0,015% of full scale, compare to failure calculation) of different measuring ranges. The PC and a hydraulic security device ensure the safety, e.g. the not-exceeding of individual full range values.

If exact values for the reference load cells are already given – e.g. due to a previous DAkkS-calibration – the obtained data can be used in the software for a characteristic curve correction to achieve an improvement.

A calibration in 10%- steps is carried out in about one minute. The saved/printed data and a possible graph can be used as a proof of calibration considering the ISO 9000 and allow a huge simplification of work.

Technical specifications press:

  • Static force: +1000 kN -450 kN max.
  • Measuring range: 0…25; 50; 100; 200; 400; 600 and 1000 kN
  • Accuracy of reference: up to ± 0.015% full scale, depending from type and measuring range
  • Piston stroke: 160mm (optional 320mm)
  • Cylinder: double-acting
  • Clear height 300…1100 mm, press head and press table are adjustable in height
  • Clear width: 1000mm
  • Drive: electro-hydraulic pump aggregate approximately 280x390x365mm
  • Electrical supply: 400 VAC, 0.8kW, 50Hz.

Technical specifications controller KS1000:

  • Input reference: ± 10V (optional mV and power supply 4-12V) or 0(4)…20mA
  • Input specimen: ± 10V (optional mV und power supply 4-12V) or 0(4)…20mA
  • Switchers and buttons for manual force setting
  • Remote with LED display for PC operation with computer plug-in card (own processor) compatible with all PCs
  • Emergency switch- off
  • Housing: built- in/ table housing 19″ 3HE
  • Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz. Software menu guided via Windows. Setpoint presets in %- steps or continously. Actual value measurement, characteristic curve correction, linearization of the reference, graphical test report. Database for callibration procedure and test results.

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