Temperature cycling units

Unit concept

Our temperature cycling test systems have a modular design and can consist of up to 16 test chambers. Each test chamber is individually controllable and has its own measurement data acquisition.
The test specimens/test assemblies are supplied by a multi-tank system with the corresponding test medium which may be water or oil.
The tanks for hot and cold test liquids are controlled separately and the multi-tank system achieves an optimum utilization of the energy used – the resulting heat can thus be used optimally.
Each module of the system can be controlled individually and be operated via remote and can be equipped and monitored individually. Data and error messages of the unit concerning the test sequences can be transmitted continuously to the operator.

Test specifications

The specifications for recurring tests can be stored in the integrated database. With a barcode scanner it is possible to record marked test specimens and start the tests according to the stored data. For oil as a test medium, the systems can optionally also be supplied for temperatures above 95°C whereby the oil temperature can be up to a maximum of 350°C.

The test parameters can be defined within the scope of the possibilities of the system and stored in the test specifications. The parameters can be changed at any time.

The use of different user levels allows an operator hierarchy so that the checks can only be defined and changed by authorized persons. At the top level all parameters can be changed and new check schemes can be defined. At the lowest level only the call of predefined test programs and the start/stop of tests is possible.


The test chamber is designed according to safety aspects, allows easy access to the test stations to assemble the test specimens and has a safety shutdown when opening the doors.

Systems for applications up to 20 bar can be equipped with transparent viewing windows made of Makrolon. In systems for higher pressures robust viewing windows can be installed that enables the operator to make additional visual observing of the test.

For an uninterrupted performance of the tests only the respective test chamber is switched off in case of failure of a specimen – the ongoing tests in the other chambers can be continued independently.

The emergency shutdown devices are designed exclusively in hardware and depressurize the system if necessary.

The monitored door locks prevent the doors from opening as long as there is pressure in the test chamber. For additional high-pressure applications a special bursting chamber can be integrated for protection.

Operation software

The operating software provides a convenient overview of the respective system status. For uninterrupted monitoring of the tests the operation can also be done remotely. Individual views can be compiled and stored.
The status within the individual test chambers can thus be retrieved at any time if internet access is available. In addition our software allows the test system to be integrated into a higher-level control system on the customer side.

The display of the process parameters can be set both, as an instrument display as well as a diagram with a time course.

Data management

All process data of the temperature cycling system can be stored in a log file at adjustable intervals. As a result the data is available for troubleshooting and as well as for the evaluation of tests. The data can be processed as CSV files with a spreadsheet program.

System parameters

The pressures in the system can be measured with an accuracy of +/- 0.01 % FS. The control accuracy is +/- 0.1 % FS but can be increased on customer request as modified versions. The temperature is measured and controlled in the standard version with an accuracy of +/- 1 K. Modified versions can offer an accuracy up to +/- 0.1 K. The flow rate is measured and controlled with an accuracy of +/- 0.4% FS.

Our highlights

  • modular system with up to 16 test chambers
  • test medium water or test oil
  • temperature range for medium water: room temperature up to 95°C
    temperature range for medium oil: room temperature up to 350°C
  • high precision temperature control up to +/- 0,1 K (depending on specimen)
  • cycle times: 3 – 9.999 min (other on demand)
  • easy maintenance, remote service possible
  • remote calibration possible
  • sample form online available
  • high energy efficiency
  • OPC UA interface for integration into higher-level controllers
  • browser- based software
  • screen-optimized display
  • can be operated also via mobile phone
  • database for testing concepts
  • data acquisition in log files
  • measurement data available as CSV file for evaluations

We manufacture all units according to your individual needs. Feel free to send us your inquiry to: info [at] proemtec [dot] de or phone: +49 (0) 8131 / 77 9 88 -0


  • BS 7291
  • DWG W 542
  • DWG W 543
  • DWG W 534
  • EN 12293
  • EN ISO 15875-5
  • EN ISO 13257:2017
  • EN ISO 19893:2018
  • ISO 10 508
  • ISO 15874-5