leakage tester series PRO SL

Bild von PRO SLThe leakage tester series PRO SL  are designed for fast and precise measurement of leakages. The inner volume of the test device or the chamber at chamber testing can be from 0.1 milliliter up to 1.5 liter. At each leak test the leak rate and the volume of the test device are measured. With this function different test devices can be identified.

The measured leak rate can be from 0.1 ml/min up to100 ml/min. Larger leak rates are displayed as gross leak. The selectable test pressure of the standard tester can be between -0.7 bar and +0.7 bar. The vaccum is produced in the leak tester from the supply pressure by a venture nozzle. Other pressure ranges are optional possible. The tester can measure the leak rate in two different modes: pressure drop and differential pressure measurement. As an option the tester can be equipped with a mass flow rate sensor. The very short test cycle is typically less than 5 second. Test configurations can be downloaded from a PC. The tester can be controlled by a PLC and by a PC. The standard configuration of the tester is without a keyboard to prevent not intended changes.

Scope of application:


– PDF: datasheet leakage tester series PRO SL