Howto Publish a Grant Proposal

How do I develop IDs for my applications? Application companies who create applications for Oracle Income Cloud typically determine an identification to an app to be used through the integration and progress method. To incorporate and control IDs for your Oracle Sales Cloud applications: Sign in to Oracle Cloud Market Partner Portal. Press App IDs. The Software IDs page lists description, the existing app IDs, along with their name, and affiliated applications. the lately added or altered software identification order the list. Make use of the following alternatives to handle the application IDs. To produce a identification, press Add.

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You’ll should enter a10–persona identity, a complete label, along with an information for this application identification. Click Edit for your application identification, to change the name or outline for an existing app ID. You are able to’ t modify the 10&ndash ;figure identification. Press Eliminate for that software identification to get rid of a identity. You are able to’ erase that is t an ID if it by party hard more or one programs. To find out which programs (listings) are associated with a specific ID, press Watch Associated Entries for that related identity. To connect an identity with the app:

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